MFNI Children’s Department: The Bits & Pieces
LOCATION: MusicFirst NI: An Independent School of Music at 46 Botanic Ave., Belfast BT7 1JR
PARKING: On street parking available.
PUNCTUALITY: Plan to be in the building five minutes before class time so you can take care of coats, snacks, toilet visits, etc. before class begins.
HALLWAYS and WAITING ROOM: We share an on-street entrance and hallway with a couple of other businesses. For the safety of your own children, please mind them at all times when in the hall. Our waiting room is just through MFNI's own entrance. Please feel free to stay and observe your child's class. Because it is technically an "open studio," if you arrive early, please be respectful of other lessons. Thanks :)
CLOTHING/FOOTWEAR: There are coat racks in the studio. Please use these to keep all distractions (including nappy bags) out of reach. You can also leave them in the Waiting Room (MFNI cannot take any responsibly for lost or stolen items). Upon entering the main studio, please remove your outdoor shoes and place them in the blue storage bin. Bare feet, socks, slippers or strictly indoor shoes are all options for class. Dress comfortably in layers for class, as the studio can warm up quickly!
ILLNESS: In consideration of all, and for your child’s comfort, please keep your child home if s/he is suffering from a cold, a bad cough, a fever, a communicable disease, an unexplained rash, head lice, etc.
FOOD: Please keep all snacks outside of the studio. You are welcome to enjoy a snack in the Waiting Room. Drinks such as water and formula are allowed in studio, but must be stored out of reach (until needed). Please ensure that your child does not go into class with a snack. If a child urgently needs a bite in mid-class, just take her or him out into the waiting room or hall for this.

TIOLET and NAPPIES: The toilet is located just across the hall. It is marked "MusicFirst NI Toilet." Because we share the hall with other businesses our toilet remains locked at all times. The key is available to all MusicFirst NI families. It hangs to the right of our door, next to the light switch. Please accompany your child. Our toilet is quite small, so please feel free to change nappies in the waiting room during class.
Our Time: You are most welcome to bring along a visiting grandparent or another adult to your child's class without prior notification. You are also welcome to bring along another family (i.e. child and adult) for one free class visit per visiting family as long as
1. the child is the right age for the curriculum, and
2. you have booked the visit ahead of time with Becca.
Imagine That!, Young Child & Music FUNdamentals: If there is a family you would like to introduce to MFNI, please speak with your instructor about a class visit.

Make-Up Classes:
Should a child miss a class, a Make-Up class (attending the alternative weekly class) can be booked with Ms Becca. If the rescheduled class is not attended for any reason, no credit can be given, for the class must still run and the student’s place secured.
Rescheduled Classes:
If for any reason the director is unable to teach a previously scheduled class, she will offer an alternative day and time for the class to run. Should you be unable to attend the rescheduled class, a credit of one class towards the next unit will be given.
Available Discounts:
Discounts will be deducted from the full cost of tuition fees at
the time of registration for the upcoming unit.
• Credits:
o A credit is valued at the cost of one class (variable according to curriculum) and will be deducted at the time of registration.
o Referral Discount: Given as a ‘Thank You’ for introducing new families to Kindermusik. If you invite a family to attend ‘Kindermusik with Becca’, and they choose to register (paying in full), each of your currently registered children will receive a credit towards the next unit. *Music FUNdamentals Not Included
o A credit may also be given as a result of rescheduled classes
• Free Preview:
o For new families only
o It is valued the same as a credit.
o Voucher must be presented at registration
*Music FUNdamentals Not Included
• Sibling Discount:
o If you register 2 or more of your children into the program, you will receive 10% off the total of your tuition fees
(percentage calculated after subtracting all other discounts)
o No sibling discount is available for the short Units (Kindermusik Adventures)
*Music FUNdamentals Not Included
• Helping Hands:
o 10% off the fees for the upcoming unit for volunteering at a MFNI event, such as an Open Day or Holiday Party
(percentage calculated after subtracting all other discounts)
o When required, the director will make a request for volunteers
o Voucher must be presented at registration

Terms & Conditions

Please note that all classes must be paid for in advance. Late payment will incur a £5 Administration Charge and may be subject to an Interest Fee of 8%.
• Deposit of £40 and a completed registration form is required to secure a place in your chosen class (inclusive of the At Home Materials) for each new unit. Any registration made after the Term’s Registration Deadline will incur a £5 Administration Charge.
• The remaining balance of tuition fees should be paid by or on the first day of class
- Should this, for any reason, be impossible, the director can arrange a payment plan- maximum two payments.
• If you cancel your registration before the first class, you will receive a refund of tuition fees minus a cancellation fee of £25.
• If you need to withdraw after the semester has begun, you will receive tuition fees credit toward the following semester, minus a cancellation fee of £25. The credit will be dated from the director’s receipt of your written notification of your withdrawal.
• Satisfaction guaranteed: If you are unhappy with your MFNI experience after attending the first five consecutive classes and wish to discontinue, you will receive a refund of tuition fees (for the classes that have not been given) minus a cancellation fee of £25.
By signing the registration form (inclusive of online registration), you agree to pay in full all tuition costs (accounting for any discounts and credits) as well as any cancellation fees. Failure to pay in full the total cost of any unit in which a student has been enrolled and received the At Home Materials may result in appropriate legal action being taken.